The Hungry Hippopotamus

Hand-Decorated Cookie Art

Our cookies are tiny works of delicious art.  Each cookie is rolled, cut, decorated, and packaged by hand.  Every order is baked fresh and yes, they taste as good as they look!

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Better Basics for Exceptional Cookies

It's time to take your cookie decorating to the next level!  You'll refine the techniques you use everyday to elevate your execution for stunning results.  I'll walk you through making 5 different consistencies of icing so you can achieve perfect piping, flooding and detail.  I'll even share my tips and tricks for writing on all kinds of fonts and piping perfect circles!  We'll cover taking an artistic approach to decorating - treating your cookies like a canvas to create truly dynamic designs.  I'll walk you through some common mistakes and I'll show you how to fix or avoid them to achieve flawless finishes.  By the end of this class, your cookies will be polished and professional!  Let's Get Decorating!!