The Hungry Hippopotamus

Hand-Decorated Cookie Art

Our cookies are tiny works of delicious art.  Each cookie is rolled, cut, decorated, and packaged by hand.  Every order is baked fresh and yes, they taste as good as they look!

The Justice League is jumping off the pages of DC Comics and onto your cookies. From birthday parties to bake sales, we’re bringing your favorite super heroes to life in the form of dazzling desserts. Learn to make an array of character cookies for the ultimate super hero party. Whether you're an experienced decorator or just love comics, you'll find something sweet to sink your teeth into.

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It’s time to take your cookie decorating to the next level! We’ll refine the techniques you use everyday to elevate your execution for stunning results. I’ll walk you through mixing five different consistencies of icing so you can achieve perfect piping, flooding, and details. I’ll even share my tips and tricks for writing in all kinds of fonts and piping perfect circles. I’ll show you how to take an artistic approach to decorating by treating your cookie like a canvas to create truly dynamic designs. We’ll tackle some common mistakes and I’ll teach you how to avoid or fix problems for flawless finishes. By the end of this class, your cookies will polished and professional. So, let’s get decorating!


It’s time to decorate and celebrate! In my family, building gingerbread houses is a tradition full of fun and imagination. There are SO many ways to get creating while pushing and practicing your decorating skills. I’ll show you how to make flat cookies and use them to create a stable structure with a special trick for attaching the roof and walls. We’ll practice your piping skills while we create festive icing transfers and accents and get inspired by using a variety of decorating techniques to make your gingerbread house your very own!